OUR STORY: The 411 of KVGI . . .

STOP…..If you have heard this story before. Two guys with powerful voices, faster than the speed of light, started to broadcast their voice to all those that would listen. Those two guys created Kilroy’s Conversation, “A Voice for Veterans” show. Sound Familiar? One day, a spark ignited with a wild idea to take it one step further. BOOM, KVGI Radio was that result!

Officially launched in early 2015, though founded in mid 2014, KVGI Radio may or may not have re-created the art of broadcasting, we do work on the simple idea that takes you back to what radio programs were all about in the beginning, being that voice on the other end of the line. You might call that entertainment, and some do. We like to call it, a conversation! What you will find here are amazing people hosting and co-hosting shows that are making a difference to those that will lend an ear. Join us daily, we promise to spread across the internet airways some amazing stories from our studio in Frisco Texas, right to your ears. It’s that simple!

Seriously, not all stories you read on the internet are true. The fact is, 2 guys really did host a show. Let me introduce to you, The Team of Kilroy’s Conversation, host Maj. Andrew White, and co-host Mark Wariner.

So…Everything you read above is true, Right? Broadcasting 101 baby,

Welcome to KVGI Radio!

Streaming HD content 24/7

Broadcasting via the internet, Nationally and Internationally from Frisco Texas,
right to your ears!

Listen to KVGI Radio, via KVGIradio.com, or with our mobile apps. KVGI is the premier radio station in Frisco Texas, For all the latest and greatest KVGI brings to your eyes and ears, Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, Pin with us on Pinterest, connect with us on LinkedIN, or go to other services like, Tunein.com, soundcloud.com, mixcloud.com to name a few.

We stream 3 stations, KVGI is the flagship 24/7 HD audio featuring Talk Shows and more. KVGI-X (X Channel) broadcasts Music and musical talk shows that are little more edgy, for which you may also hear music from all over the world, including some bands you know, to bands you may have yet to hear from. And then we KVGI Sports, well or course for anything related to sports.

There is something for everyone from talk shows, to sports to music…We are,
LIVE…without limits.