Happy New Year, New Focus for 2019


New Year is the time at which a new calendar year begins, that is 2019 is around the corner in a few hours. Many cultures celebrate the event in some manner and tomorrow is the 1st day of January and is often marked as a national holiday. And Yes, KVGI will be closed.

As we close 2018, we reflect where we are and thank those that helped get us this far. the future is tomorrow. A friend of ours shared a comment:

 The Best is yet to come Put the past behind you & believe the best days are ahead.

The future: Simple really.

We will begin NEW changes all around with a anew FOCUS. New format, new shows times, update schedules daily and weekly.

Radio is HUGE and will remain that way for many years to come. The Internet is how we broadcast to the world. We firmly believe that after 6 years because of your support KVGI will see it’s biggest year yet. But, we do see where the trends go. By partnering with companies like iTunes, Google, TuneIN, Soundcloud to name a few allow us to broadcast to a much larger audience.

In 2019 you will see that increase as we syndicate across more platforms that are available on your Alexa, Google, Siri and Facebook platforms.

So the growth for KVGI is better than ever. With new changes coming, it allows us to re-connect with you in ways we were not able to do in 2018. Like video. That’s right, VIDEO. Our newest platform to come to the KVGI brand and the NEW name of the company behind it all, KVGI Studios LLC.

Radio will continue to grow as we work on this new platform. This allow you to either LISTEN or WATCH shows across multiple platforms in your daily lives. More details will be release in the month of January 2019.

In closing:

We wanted to take a few moment to ensure you we are here to stay and many changes are in store. With that in mind, we wish you all a SAFE and HAPPY NEW YEARS as 2018 closes at midnight and opens up a whole new year for 2019.


Happy New Year, see you in 2019

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