KVGI hits a Milestone in radio

We are proud to announce we have hit 7600 shows in 5 years of radio service. Thank you!


In a little over 5 years, KVGI Radio has hit yet another milestone!

Friday November 2nd, 2018 at 12pm, we have officially produced our 7,600th show for our broadcast listeners.

This is huge for our company and staff!

Since we started over 5 years ago, we have gone from a single studio producing 1-3 shows per week to producing 25-40 shows per week with three studios.

We have produced everything from real estate, to business to comedy and of course sports. Let’s not forget about our 2nd station, KVGIx and the music we offer here. And there is more, go here to see:

KVGI Radio Shows

We love what we do, we are unique and share the stories all over the world. It’s an honor to do what set out to do since day one…Have a conversation! – CEO, Mark Wariner

This is an important milestone for KVGI, and we want to thank each and every one of you for supporting and helping KVGI build it’s brand, though it would be a long long and did we mention LONG list to share. So we will take this opportunity to thank some of you that have been a huge support of KVGI and some of you since day one!

Andrew White – KVGI Partner
Kevin Hodes – Swypit.com
Ashley Miller – NBCF (Previously Texas Legends)
The Texas Legends team
Frisco Chamber of Commerce
Austin Axtell – KVGI Producer / Soundwagon.pro
Sean Heatley – Epic Carts
Joseph Siragusa – Iron Lock Construction
Hailey Seymour – Former KVGI Staff
Clay Paschal – KVGI Voice Talent
Meagan Diane – KVGI Staff
Julia Stuart – Supporter/Friend!!!
Henry LaGrone
Christopher Mills
Jaret Reddick and Rich Coleman
Raymond Jones

Let us thank the Multiple Clients, Musicians, Non-Profits and ESPECIALLY the numerous Veterans that have impacted our lives and who we consider, friends and family. If your not listed above, you are part of the KVGI family and we do consider you a friend for life.

In remembrance to those we lost along the way: We miss you!
Jarrett Parker – 2017
Ben Adams – 2017
Stephen Jackel – 2018

In 2013 I set out to to help Veterans have a voice through Kilroys Conversation. Today, we provide so much more than a conversation, we provide valuable resources and business relationships.  – Andrew White

Thank you for sharing your conversations with us!

And here is to many more years ahead.



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